Friday, August 06, 2004

It never ends. I've now spent 42 hours in the studio. With the troupe, with the band, with just the producer. I still have about 9 hours to go, and anything not done at that point will just have to wait until the next CD comes out. I'm still keeping up with my day job, attempting to give attention to my relationship and trying to find time to breath. Add the appearance at the Trash Film Orgy, the Kid's Birthday party I'm doing tommorow, the work we're doing on the computer tommorow to get the CD manufacturing paid for and to download some sound FX, the interview with Jonathan Morken I'm doing regarding his new film Nwar which I'm writing up for The News and Review, and finally the TFO wrap party tomorrow night. I'm squeezing a haircut in in the morning also.
The funny thing is I still find time to be board. I can't wait until we're producing a film and every second of everyong day is occuppied with frenzied creative energy. If I can learn to be calm and peaceful then I will be a Zen Master.
I've decided to try to write one short story a day. Usually very short. Like four or five lines. I'm reading a book of Zen stories that my friend Allen turned me onto and I'm really liking it.

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