Tuesday, August 17, 2004

I've been having a-lot of strange dreams, probably the result of stressing over the CD. Here's one.

I'm at a party where the organizers of a film festival honoring a particular director are gathering to screen a few of his films and to discuss which ones to put in the film. It's realy nice. Some pleasant snacks, nice folks, even the colors of the room and the cloths are soothing and comforting. My friend Steve is there (a film buff in real life) and he puts on the first short films.

The Film
A young couple is talking with an adult woman, presumably a parent of one or the other. The woman is assuring them that whatever secret they have, whatever they're hiding, it can't be too bad. They can get through everything. The parent seems bright and intelligent and you're sure that even if the couple is about to announce a pregnancy or the like it will be handled well by all involved. After a few stare between the youngsters and a few reassuring smiles from the adult, they instruct her to look in the bathroom. Looking intrigued more than concerned the woman makes her way to the bathroom door. She opens the door and their is a chubby asian exchange studen, haning horizontal above the bath. He is tied and hanging by yards of piano wire which is cutting into his skin. He is pale and chubby and looks like the Hollywood stereotype of the nerdy exchange student. He looks up and smiles like an injured dog, more immediately happy to see company than aware of his prediciment. He then seems embarassed as he spits a mouth full of blood into the drain. The camera zooms in on the blood which pools as the drain is plugged with vomit and a few teeth. The blood drains down slowly sifting through the solids.

I wake up.

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