Friday, October 08, 2004

HEY! We're having a party. The CD is out. It's in stores, Dimple, Tone Vendor, The Beat, Tower on Broadway, and it's SELLING! We've sold a bunch online as well, including one to Stockholm Sweden which is pretty dang cool.
We're gonna celebrate with a HUGE bash on November 5th. It'll be 10 bucks to get in, but that gets you a copy of the CD as well so you can't lose. DJ Junior from the Trash Film Orgy is back in town and will be DJing as will Francois Fly. Our house band The St. Simon 3 will be playing and special Guest Bob Barango will be rockin' also. Who knows what else, piniata, stip go fish, whatever we can come up with. Maybe gorrilla strip tease. Woo hoo. See the Shows page of our website for more. AND BE THERE.

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