Sunday, October 10, 2004

SO SICK OF BEING A BUSINESS MAN! I'm glad that I can do it, but I'd much rather be working on new comedy. I wonder if it would have been a better career move to just do my comedy ALL the time and then it'd be out there more frequently and the quality would be improving at a faster rate, and then someone else would come along an take care of the business. As it is, I feel like I was a lot of energy doing business. I try to find a way to do business creatively but I'd so much rather just be writing and putting on shows. Why such a drive to sell it then? So I can stop spending 40 + hours of my week working for someone else in a TOTALLY uncreative capacity.
Tired. This CD marketing thing is just wearing me out.
I've been thinking about the next show. I want to do something we've talked about from the beginning. I want to rent a bus and do the whole show aboard the bus and at various stops. It's not totally original, the inspiration comes from Popcorn antitheatre who we perform with in SF, but there's was a variety show and verry anarchistic. I want to do a full, fluid, bus ride, scripted and all tying together. Video, music, skits, shills, mass fun.
That'd be so cool.
There's no reason why we couldn't tour such a show. It's easier to rent a bus in every town then to rent a venue.

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