Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Haven't written here for a while. I should make the blog more accessible from the site.
We were crazy with trying to market the CD durring the Christmas shopping rush. Now we're less crazy and just getting ready for March shows in Sac and April shows in SF. We're putting together all new material. We've got some great skits. Lot's of stuff about love oddly enough. It's the Love Show. I hope to do some more writing before we start rehearsing and I know Becca does as well.
It'll be good starting rehearsals again, though it'll be odd without Miles. Oh yeah, Miles is no longer with us. We've decided to part ways. I think he has too much going on. It seems like we've had much cast change in the troupe, but really we're still four original members and one newby, Becca, though she's not that new, she's been helping with lights and such from very early on.
We just started as a huge crew and we've shrunken down over the years. Three years to be exact. The March shows will mark our 3rd anniversary and my birthday.

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