Monday, August 23, 2004

Here's a photo from the ICBINC cd recording studio and one from an ICBINC BBQ!

Sunday, August 22, 2004

Done, It's Done, It's Done! The CD is Done! But I mean it for real this time. After the last time I said it was done I went back to the producer and had him tweek a few things. Now it's ready to ship. It's getting some great reviews from the folks who've sneak peeked it. Most exciting.
The new website is going up quickly too. From our current front page you can click Cast to get a look at the new pages. There are still broken links and what not, which is why we've not put up the new front page yet, but those should be worked out in no time. Woo hoo.

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

I've been having a-lot of strange dreams, probably the result of stressing over the CD. Here's one.

I'm at a party where the organizers of a film festival honoring a particular director are gathering to screen a few of his films and to discuss which ones to put in the film. It's realy nice. Some pleasant snacks, nice folks, even the colors of the room and the cloths are soothing and comforting. My friend Steve is there (a film buff in real life) and he puts on the first short films.

The Film
A young couple is talking with an adult woman, presumably a parent of one or the other. The woman is assuring them that whatever secret they have, whatever they're hiding, it can't be too bad. They can get through everything. The parent seems bright and intelligent and you're sure that even if the couple is about to announce a pregnancy or the like it will be handled well by all involved. After a few stare between the youngsters and a few reassuring smiles from the adult, they instruct her to look in the bathroom. Looking intrigued more than concerned the woman makes her way to the bathroom door. She opens the door and their is a chubby asian exchange studen, haning horizontal above the bath. He is tied and hanging by yards of piano wire which is cutting into his skin. He is pale and chubby and looks like the Hollywood stereotype of the nerdy exchange student. He looks up and smiles like an injured dog, more immediately happy to see company than aware of his prediciment. He then seems embarassed as he spits a mouth full of blood into the drain. The camera zooms in on the blood which pools as the drain is plugged with vomit and a few teeth. The blood drains down slowly sifting through the solids.

I wake up.

Sunday, August 15, 2004

Today we listened to our new CD together. The whole thing beginning to end. Candace (our fan club president) as well as a couple of friend of mine who just moved back to Sac from Santa Cruz joined us in listening as did Chip and Simon from The St. Simon 3.
It's a good CD. I'm pretty happy with it. I don't feel like I'm hearing it all that objectively. I'm way to close to it right now. It's fun and it's pretty unique. I'm all ready to do another one but I know that's quite a ways off. Now comes the task of getting this one out there. We ship it to the manufacturers on Monday and we should have 1,000 copies with Irina Beffa's excellent artwork on the cover by September 3.
Our CD Release show on Sept 10th is to be postponed as the venue lost it's alcohol permit. We may move it to Body Tribe (Chip's Gym).
Scott Moon and Erik Lobo continue to plug away at the website redesign. It should be online very soon.

Thursday, August 12, 2004

As we all sadly know, Sacramento's own True Love cafe will be closing in just two short weeks!!And to close it out in style they will be featuring some FREE local entertainment this weekend!This Saturday night see "I Can't Believe it's not Comedy" perform some of their classic and 'best of' all original comedy sketches for free at 5:30, we are gleeful to say we will be opening for Dana Gumbiner of Deathray who will be performing right after us! So that's two awesome acts for the awesome price of FREE!! That's right folks! We're giving you the guest list treatment! So if you wanna get 'hooked up' with some free tickets, you just let us know and it's done! You see, on account of it's free already...The True Love Cafe is located at:2406 J Street SacramentoBe sure to get there early as there's limited seating! And if ya sit in the front row we'll make sure it's as equally as fun as sitting in the front row of the Dolphin Show at Marine World!So join us for some comedy, some rock, some coffee, some fruit tea freeze, and some True Love Cafe goodbyes!Ambot!

Friday, August 06, 2004

It never ends. I've now spent 42 hours in the studio. With the troupe, with the band, with just the producer. I still have about 9 hours to go, and anything not done at that point will just have to wait until the next CD comes out. I'm still keeping up with my day job, attempting to give attention to my relationship and trying to find time to breath. Add the appearance at the Trash Film Orgy, the Kid's Birthday party I'm doing tommorow, the work we're doing on the computer tommorow to get the CD manufacturing paid for and to download some sound FX, the interview with Jonathan Morken I'm doing regarding his new film Nwar which I'm writing up for The News and Review, and finally the TFO wrap party tomorrow night. I'm squeezing a haircut in in the morning also.
The funny thing is I still find time to be board. I can't wait until we're producing a film and every second of everyong day is occuppied with frenzied creative energy. If I can learn to be calm and peaceful then I will be a Zen Master.
I've decided to try to write one short story a day. Usually very short. Like four or five lines. I'm reading a book of Zen stories that my friend Allen turned me onto and I'm really liking it.

Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Hey everyone! Come see I CAN'T BELIEVE IT'S NOT COMEDY live and FREE at the True Love Cafe closing weekend entertainment a thon for 24 hours! Were scheduled to play at 5:20 but for only a half hour slot so get there early as it will be packed! The cafe is on the corner of J and 24th Street! Let is know if you have any question! We hope to see you there! Below are pictures from our cd recording session! Enjoy!