Tuesday, July 05, 2005


Oh my gawd I'm tired. Thankfully I have a sitting down job, I don't think I can stand. Was I out dancing all night? Was I drinking away the hours? No, I was just hanging out on a friend's lawn watching them light firworks 'til midnight. How did I become such an old man? I did play some Jr. Pacman. They had an actual, stand up Jr. Pacman arcade game that they bought years ago for $200. I'm oh so envious. Fireworks, of the safe and sane variety, are great fodder for heckling. My buddy was announcing the price of each one before he lit it and I've come to the concusiong that five five dollar fireworks taped together and fused to go off in sequence cost $50.00. Pyro-economics. Buy yourself some fuse and you can save big!

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