Friday, July 15, 2005

Performing in SD

Wow, what a whirwind 24 hours. I performed as Francois Fly in San Diego. It was a burlesque show put on by my pal Augusta of It's A Chick productions, and I shared a dressing room with all these gorgeous women. That seems to be the standard for these shows. ICBINC shared a dressing room with the Velvet Hammer when we performed with them too.
I pulled out my lap top not wanting to oggle the girls innapropriately. My friend Don saw this and thought it was the perfect image of a geek, sitting amongst beautiful naked dancers and working on his laptop. So Don took a picture. He had Kitten Deville and one of the other girl's stand behind me AND KITTEN DEVILLE CHEWED ON MY EAR! ! ! Wow. I'll post this picture soon.
The event was associated with Comic Con so the house was chock full of the geekiest geeks of all time. I fit right in. We saw a bit of the Comic Con and I finally got to meet Jeffrey Brown who I've exchanged e-mails with but never met in person. I got two of his smaller books, Be a Man and I Am Going To Be Small and I bought a Clumsy T-shirt. He's the best.
At midnight we drove back to Lizard Boy's place in LA and got in around 2am. I got up in the morning and had Breakfast with Sue Nice and Emily Wilson-Wilson (Mrs. Lizard Boy). Then a bit of pan handling in the banana suit and off to be interviewed on CBS news radio about my pan handling adventures. Tommorow more panhandling and eating at Planet Raw then Sunday morning I go home.
Fun, Fun, Fun. But I miss my girl.

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