Sunday, October 16, 2005

I'm undead Lenny Bruce

This weekend I put on The Dead Comedian's Special at Luna's. What a blast. I played zombie Lenny Bruce and I played the ghost of Mitch Hedberg. I wrote some original material for both pieces and combined it with material of their's that I altered to fit the undead theme.

My pal Cheese, who the News and Review just called Sacramento's best Up and Coming Comedian played Bill Hick's. My boss showed up with his girlfriend and some other friends right before Cheese went on. None of us could get my bosses girlfriend to shut up. She was AWFUL! It worked well for Cheese though, as Bill Hicks was known for shredding such audience members.

I hope I still have a job.

Steve Ferris did an original song he wrote called Dancing In My Whities and he did it, while dancing in his whities, stripping down to the underpants and nothing else. The sincerety that this guy exudes is awesome and his bit was SOOO much fun.

The St Simon 2 (what's left of the St. Simon 3) did a great set, playing good songs by dead guys, or by guys who they could claim were dead and none of knew for sure. And they had me onstage to sing some Allen Sherman with them, which rules as I am a big fan.

My pals in Gas Food Theatre did a lesson on how not to die on stage which was a riot. These guys play every role they play with complete conviction. Verry good stuff.

Quite a night. Now we get back to preparing for our six week January run at The Geery Theatre.

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