Sunday, December 04, 2005

New Show in January

Sorry I've been posting so little. I've been working on and I've done a-lot of cool things with it. I combined all my blogs so my work stories, my panhandling blog, my fiction, etc. are all through now. I also broke my collar bone skate boarding. Yep. I guess I haven't grown up enough to quit skating and my bones haven't stayed young enough to keep from breaking.

We do have six weeks of shows coming up. SIX WEEKS! I don't know how we'll survive it, but it'll be the last shows we do for a while. We're working on some films and I'm producing a musical for next Christmas. Click on our shows page to see the new flyer art by Qwert and to check out the dates and such. The shows are downtown which is nice.

Come to opening weekend and see Daisy Spot open the show. And every show will have Broken Home as our musical guests! Nobody rocks a kazoo like Broken Home. Should be great fun.

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