Sunday, January 15, 2006

Rolling along, but what next

So the shows are doing great, selling out every night. The good review in the Bee certainly helped.
I love what we're doing in this show. It feels to me like a really god combination of the silly and the experimental, getting dark in places but coming back and getting talkie, leaning toward theater type pieces but then giving a quick breather afterwards with some purely physical stuff like the lizard boy pieces.
But, having stepped up into a larger run, ultimately being seen by a much larger group of people with a much, much larger advertising budget I have to wonder what we do next? I mean, this was a big step and there'd be no shame in repeating it next year. Putting another new show up for a long run.
Hopefully the success of the run and the good press means we can get into theaters like the Purple Onion in San Francisco or Upright Citizen's Brigade Theaters in LA and New York. That's the goal now for me. Well that and as always doing more film work.
Artistically where do we go now? I don't wan to torture myself and the cast with always having to do something brand new. I do believe and artist group of artists can do what they do well and just workt to perfect their craft and grow in it, but I get a sense that there is some new ground we could be covering. That we're off in a good direction. We're experimental in a more subtle way than some of the really out there troupes that have wowed me, but I'm happy with what we're doing. I like the Woody Allen like attention to dialogue and story even within the often preposterous scenarios of sketch comedy. And I like pieces like She, Rolita, The Talk, or the Unborny Billy Skits that are willing to go to places the audiences might be reluctant to go. The audience is beginning to trust us on these little trips. They know we'll respect the subjects we're dealing with.
Okay, that's enough post show rambling. I've got at least for more weeks of shows so plenty of time to meditate on this stuff. For now, the show keeps getting tighter, better, funnier everytime we run it.

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