Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Sid, Ben, Becca, KLJ, Amber

Yep. Six week run. That's a lot of ICBINC. It's very likely that we'll be reviewed opening weekend so we really want to pack the house, plus opening weekend Daisy Spot is opening for us, so that's exciting. You can go to www.sacactors.com to reserve tickets and mention that you read about it here to get a six pack of tickets for $60. That'll save you enough per person that you can all pitch in on some cheap beer before the show. And listen to us on KXJZ 88.9fm Friday at 2pm also.

In this show we're doing The Vagina Dialogues, the best send up of The Vagina Monologues ever cuz it's done with an understanding of and affection for the source. And Becca has a new piece, Rolita that's FANTASTIC and pretty dark and challenging and beautiful and I really love it. Ben as usual turns in a manic piece based on his every day dealings with the folks he's forced to share a planet with. I'm in there too somewhere.

Broken Home is our band this time around and we love them. They totally immersed themselves in the show and they rule. So now, I BEG YOU, please, please, come have a good night with us, help us get this long run kick started and we promise not to have a secret wrap party without you when it closes. THOUGH you should note, folks that wait until closing weekend will NOT be told about the party (unless they have a real good excuse, or a box of wine, or Sid thinks they're cute.)

Okay, the skits we're doing, High Flying Kung-Fu, The Vagina Hater, Lizard Boys Cruise For Chicks, Shiela Learns The Truth, Vaginas make you Gay, Rolita, Yawning, General Gina, Curing The Vaginaphobe. As you can see 'Ginas A-Plenty.

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