Friday, January 03, 2003

The X-Mas SF shows are behind us at last. It was cool playing some different venues, and the last show was a group show so we got to perform with some SF comedians and comedy troupes. The venue, Spanganga was realy cool and may end up being the home for our Best of Show when we take it to SF. So now we're working our booties off on getting the Best Of show ready to go. This is realy exciting but intimidating too. We've upped the stakes as far as how many tickets we need to sell, what with theatre rent and travel expenses and all. But hey, WE'RE GOING TO LA! I've got a lot of friends doing comedy and other odd things down there and all my brothers (I've got 4) live down there. It'll be great to have them all see what we're doing. The line up for the best of show is just amazing, and in Sac we'll be changing it every weekend so hopefully we'll get some repeat business.
New Photos and another web page redesign coming soon....

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