Wednesday, February 12, 2003

dear diary today i meet a boy at the burger king down the street he was really cool and had wavy hair but i couldnt tell if he really liked me or not because he wouldnt make eye contact( i wonder if i had some ketchup on my top or some thing) anyway i accidentally (wink,wink) dropped a napkin that just happen to have my phone # on it and i did see him pick i up i hope he'll call me gosh diary im so lucky to have a friend like you to tell my secrets to that i can trust wont tell anyone like that time i was doing stomach crunches at the gym and i let one rip right as i was crunching my abs if anyone found out about that i would just die of embarasment.its so nice of kieth to set this private little journal up for me. note to self: thank keith even if he is a slimly little worm who's always trying to catch me changing by walking in my dressing room unannounced well diary as you know bieng as talented as i am requires a lot of hard work so i'm of to the mall to buy something that will flatter my figure so i guess a couple of hand towels otta cover it gosh i make me laugh.

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