Saturday, February 15, 2003

The Peace demonstration was cool. Apparently at least 150 other towns in the US had simillar demonstrations with the biggest in New York. San Francisco holds another big un tommorow, Britain had huge rallies and in Tel Aviv a large anti war crowd was made up of almost equal parts Jews and Arabs. One of the best speakers at this event was a pro Palestine Isreali. It's interesting, a couple of years ago you'd get called an anti-semite just for suggesting that Isreal may not always be in the right and that the Palestinians might have a right to a state of their own. Now I'm worried that we've swung the too far the other direction and are at risk of becoming the real sort of anti-semites. It was good to hear from an intelligent Isreali who I'm sure loves his country and his people and who questions his government just as we question ours. My only complaint is that they should have had more singers, poets, comedians, clown, puppets. They had some, but they had a lot of angry people with their own agenda to try and link to the anti-war cause and that got redundant. Don't get me wrong, there were some fun performers including the ukelele playing World Peace Clowns who were great fun. I want to be more performance art geared myself next time. I didn't wear my Banana costume, but I WILL, so help me I WILL!!!

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