Saturday, January 03, 2004

Mad TV is doing this Plump and Pretty style fashion show and it's just so mean. Two anorexic bitches making fat jokes, included jokes about fat girls crying all the time and being alone all the time while anorexic bitches in fat suits parade around showing the "Fashions". Then they take callers from men who call in and make fat girl jokes. The ladies then degenerate into fat girl jokes of their own.
They make it okay by letting the fat girl make skinny bitch jokes in the end, while wearing her fat suit. She gets some ugly jokes and ends with "I got to go take the junk in my trunk and go work my funk".
We're just so much better than this. SOOO MUCH BETTER. I can't get any inspiration from Mad TV at all, and very little from current SNL. At least NetFlix has Mr Show episodes, and I got my Simpsons and I just ordered some League of Gentlemen and some Gentlemen Prefer French and Saunders. I'll do some reviews after I get 'em.
Man, I can't wait to get some of our good stuff on DVD so we can spread the ICBINC to the masses.

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