Sunday, January 11, 2004

Yep. Quite a night. The fan club was out in full affect. I'm so friggin' tired. The taping went until 1:30 am and then clean up and shmoozing and what not. I knew this would run long. I'm soooo glad we decide to cut Jesus Christ CEO or we'd have been there until 4 am.
Great audience though. Mark Halverson, the writer who gave us the 'Best Of' nod from the News & Review came out to the show with a bunch of friends, Robert Berry of was there with his lovely wife Linda and our pal RetroRandy, who really hates that I call him RetroRandy. Poster artist Paul Imagine made it out. Chris & Michelle, Johnny and Amalia all came out. Johnny is the founder of the Sacramento Cacophony society and Chris and Michelle build tesla coils and blow stuff up. Some folks from The Free Hooch Comedy Troupe came out. The guy from Quitter, I forget his name, but he came out and talked with him for awhile aftewards. Really nice guy. Diciembre Gris came out. I love those guys. The two brothers in the band are from a family of five boys, just like me. Irina, the graphic artsist that makes us look so good on our posters and flyers was there, but of course she was since her husband was one of the filmmakers. I'll have to get links up to the filmmakers websites. They're the best.
Thanks to everyone who came out.

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