Thursday, January 15, 2004

Shoot, I got home and started to blog and decided I was too delirious to post. Now I'm the god damnned rotten egg!

The Sketchfest experience was absolutely fabulous. We performed with a bunch of great troupes and the venue was completely sold out! We led off with SHE with me in the main role, performing it for the first time. No pressure (hah!). Thanks to KLJ for that vote of confidence. It went over great, lulled the audience into a trance then hitting 'em with the punch. Oh Yeah! Then we slid into UNBORN BILLY which knocked their socks off then closed with MILES BIG SURPRISE. Always great to end on a musical number and this one is a gas!

Thanks to Candance for coming all the way to SF to see us and for hanging in there to the bitter end at the taping session on Saturday. That kid's got Moxie!

I'm feeling like we're really starting to break into SF. The Spanganga run is gonna rock. The timing on the Sketchfest couldn't have been better for publicity. Everyone got a little taste of the ICBINC magic and now they want more. We had many requests for our posters and flyers, now that's flyering gold.

Hah-I do believe that Becca is now the rotten egg.

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