Sunday, February 22, 2004

So, I was working at Greta's. Great place. I worked with John McCrea of Cake (and Shawn McFessel, an early Cake base player) some great artists, as well my future Fiance, Bryna. I worked in the kitchen, mostly dishes. We'd all take turns playing music and I was introduced to Tom Waits, Leonard Cohen, lots of great techno. I loved it. So, my turn comes, and knowing these guys aint too up on their hip hop I bring in some Urban Dance Squad. Joolie, one of the bakers decides she doesn't want to hear it and shuts it off. Now this pisses me off. I listened to her cheezy music plenty o' times, and I felt she was just dismissing UDS because they were hip hop without realy listening. It wasn't her I was interested in playing the stuff for, but I expected her to give me the same priveledge everyone else got. So, I turned the music back on. Joolie hit eject and THREW my tape across the kitchen, where it landed under a refridgerator.
That's my personal property. I told her off. I complained to Greta. When Greta didn't fire her on the spot I implied I might have some fun with some of Joolie's personal property. Did I mention I was pissed?
SO, that was, um..., let see, 13 years ago. I hadn't seen Joolie since, UNTIL...
This girls bagging up my groceries at Trader Joe's says I know you. I didn't recognize her and asked how she knew me. From Greta's she answered. I read her name tag. Joolie! Oh man. I didn't want to see her again. 13 years have passed, and within 45 seconds of running into me Joolie says, Hey, I was a real bitch to you once and threw your tape across the kitchen. I'm sorry I did that.
! ! !
Wow. My soul is a little less full of hate. The big ball of crap I carry through my dung beetle life is a bit lighter. Not just that SHE brought it up, but that it had weighed on her. That she grabbed the first opportunity to say she was sorry.
Thanks Joolie.
You're alright with me.
Even if you spell your name funny.

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