Sunday, February 08, 2004

YAY! I'm not the rotten egg.
The SF shows are going fairly well. It's a hard town to promote from here and I've not been successfull at finding someone to flyer and poster for us. Being at The Sketchfest helps and gives us some name recognition and we have some members of the media coming next weekend, which won't help for this run, but we'll wow them, as we always do and they'll write about us next time.
The Saint Simon 3 is indeed a great match, they soundtrack us very well. The audiences are having a good time and so are we.
I left my damn cell phone charger in SF at my friends Shannon and Aian's house. What kind of mover and shaker can I be without my cell phone? My god?
Sid is of course the egg that sits stinking, rotten through and through, and Sid is of course a beautiful person.

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