Sunday, March 21, 2004

The incredible weather continues. I surprised the girl with a picnic yesterday. Some olives, a loaf of rosemary bread, stinky cheeze, some hummus for me, green apples, and some cheeze cake for desert. We went and sat by the river somewhere around Hood. Just gorgeous.

I'm still feeling excited about the CD. I think this project will expand our fan base way beyond california and allow us to do some travellng. Got I love going to other cities and performing. It's such a great feeling sitting in some other town sipping your coffee and knowing your art put you there.

We are of course having our disagreements about what to put on the CD. Miles and Ben really want D'Harlen on there, but I don't know if it will work in this format. I feel it's more visual than anyone realised, Miles and Ben being very physical actors. We're working on a re-write so we'll see what happens. Disagreements in this troupe tend to be pretty mellow. Unlike the early days when there was some vicious fighting the troupe gets along pretty well for the most part. Not to say feelings don't get hurt or that emotions don't run high, but there's no sarcasm and name calling and all that BS. It gives me a nice feeling of stability.
Of all the CD re-writes I am most excited about Yuppie Birth. It's the most re-written of all the skits but I think it's a good solid piece of story telling and it moves really well despite being pretty long. We're taking a big chance doing long skits. Naked Man is almost 15 minutes!!! I have to believe that there is an audience out there with an attention span. I also feel the keep it short rule is less applicable when you're telling a story and developing characters and doing more than just going for every cheap gag that you can squeeze in.

The News and Review was supposed to be doing a big story on us and Carry Rodda had already started writing it but it got scrapped. Someone at the N&R head quarters decided that Becca, who works there, being in the troupe presents a conflict. We had booked our April show based on news that this article would run. Hopefully The Bee will give us some press. We do pretty well at building an audience either way and our last few shows have done fine so I'm not sweating it too hard.

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