Friday, March 05, 2004

It's my birthday. I'm going out with my girlfriend tonight and then tomorrow I'll be hanging out with some funny friends who will be treating me to some presents and snackies. Yes, I just said snackies. On Sunday I'm heading to San Francisco to see Killing My Lobster's new show. The writer and Director Andy Miara did a skit with us at the Sketchfest and wrote to invite us to the KML show. He said he found us to be quite funny, and coming from him that is oh so flattering. He's rather brilliant you see.
I'm excited putting together the CD, and the DVD is looking better. At first I was sure the footage we shot was useless and we weren't going to be able to sinc the sound we got either so I figured oh well, we learned a lesson. But Bob has shown me the footage from the other camera and we've listened to the sound off of the camera mics, and we'll be able to get a decent package out of it. At least, it will capture what it is we do, and what we do, I believe, speaks well for itself.
Exciting times though it feels weird to not have a buttload of shows booked like usual. As soon as we're done recording we'll put together some release party shows. Yay.
Now I must quit typing and go on a super date with my super fiance.

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