Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Time for not sleeping well

It's that point in the process of rehearsing a new show when I have dreams about being on stage almost every night, I wake up too early, my stomach feels awful. Why do I put myself through it. I keep telling myself that eventually I'll learn not to stress. That I'll just accept that we put it out there and do our best, and regardless of what happens we learn and we move on. For the most part our experiences have been overwhelmingly positive. Sure we've had a rough night here and there, but our shows have been huge successes, and yet still I stress.
So we continue to rehearse, to build props and set pieces, to promote and on January 6th we premier the new show as we prepare for a six week run.
TV advertising, flyers, newspaper ads, overall the largest promotions campaign we've done. I hope it pays off.
See you there.

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