Sunday, April 13, 2003

WE SOLD OUT THE KNITTING FACTORY LA'S ALTERKNIT LOUNGE! I'm talkin' standing room only baby.
The show went great and those snooty LA types realy dug us. What a week we had. There was the shopping trip to buy cool Fetish outfits. The outfits were for a trip to Miss Kitty's, a fetish club. I'll let one of the other kids write about that adventure. I didn't go. Ben and I went that night to see our pal Francois Fly perform at PsychoBabble, a coffee shop. What a crazy scene that was. Francois bombed as did most of the comedians there. The headliner, Vince Morris, a real weiner, ran out of material and just rambled on for the longest time, not even telling jokes. Just talking and "enlightening" us. He was spouting this real conservative, sexist shit and then telling us he'd rather enlighten his audience than get laffs. Well, that got laffs. HA HA HA HA! He also took a cell phone call onstage, not making a joke out of it but actualy taking the call and then awkwardly returning to his rambling. And he talked MAJOR shit on Francois Fly. What a dope. He don't know genus when he sees it. Judge for yourself. See some Francois Fly action by clicking here!
My favorite part was the crazy woman who runs the show explaining to Francois that what he does isn't realy stand up. That Stand up is "Having a converstation with your audience." Amazing. Francois mentioned The Unknown Comic but didn't bother mentioning the many fine styles of stand up that came before the current conversational style. This woman was so nuts. She's way anal about the night, directing the comedians who help her close the place up on how to sweep and how to fold the curtain and how to wipe after they have a crap. It was a surreal experience.
Did I mention we sold out The LA SHOW? Unless our drunken behavior outside the club after the show gets us blackballed I see no reason why we should not be invited back again.
Driving down Hollywood Blvd after the show Britney was entertaining every car we passed with "Hi sailor" and "I'M A MAN, IN A DRESS!" At several points I was sure she was gonna hop out of our car and into someone elses, but instead she just handed over a poster or two, car to car. On the drive back to Sac Britney going into truck stops in make up, no wig and a flannel night gown was quite a sight. A brave one that Britney.
I'm so proud of everyone in the cast, and so thankful to:
Irina for doing our posters and for coming to the show over and over including in LA (her man Bob too)
and to Becca for all her help from selling merch to being our girl friday.
To Brett the Reptile Boy for letting so many people stay in his little studio apartment along with all his reptiles.
To Allen for driving down and doing our sound for us.
To Bill for doing our LA stage managing.
To Bryna for getting us organized in the first place and for sending so much love our way.
To Sue and Tobias who have been big LA fans. Sue is doing so much to get us seen by the right folks. Thanks.
To Brian at The Knitting Factory who went the extra mile for us.
To all our friends, family and others who came to see us.
I'll encourage the rest of the cast to write of their LA adventures here as well.

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