Monday, April 07, 2003

Well Here I am in Sunny Los Angeles.
I stopped off at my brother's place in Pomona. He lives in this cool art colony in Downtown Pomona. Real cool.
Then I headed to LA and did a couple of reptile shows with my good pal The Amazing Lizard boy . Not a bad way to make some cash at all. Entertaining kids is a blast and Brett's a great guy to work with.
On Sunday I went to Edward's (one of my other brothers) house for my mom's 60th birthday. I got her this great card with a picture of a big black guy kissing a black woman's hand. In swanky writing it says "Happy Birthday Baby, I Love You" The inisde was pretty moving as well and I was so glad to have found my mom a card that realy expresses my love.
Oooh, and Bryna, Brett and myself went to the 98 Cent Store and found these cherub magnets and I'll be damned if one of the Cherubs, upon close inspecition, aint givin' the other two cherubs the bird. Middle finger, straight up, quite nice.
And it's not packaged as a silly gimick or anything. I'm sure sweet blue haired church ladies are buying them in droves. As soon as Xeno gets down here I'll have him photo them and we'll get them up on the site.
It's now monday and it's the first day I've gotten any rest. I'm doing some flyering and postering and I'm realy excited to see the tiny little picture of us in the LA weekly. I sho do hope we sell us some tickets. LA's a tough town with SOOO much going on.
I'm excited and nervous about getting back into the habit of doing stand up comedy. I plan to do some open mics in SF and Sac when I get home.
I'll keep you all updated.
Can't wait till wednesday when more ICBINCers arrive.

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