Sunday, April 27, 2003

It feels like we're gonna do pretty well in SF. I've heard back from lots o' folks who are planning to come to the show, and for the first time we're using a promotions person instead of doing it all ourselves. Michael Vavere-ah hell I can't spell his name. Anyway he's a good friend of ours from Popcorn AntiTheatre and we figure he knows his way around a press release. Him and, it would seem, just about everyone else in San Francisco have gone to New York. There's a huge Laughing Squid show there featuring the Bicycle Rodeo and Chicken John and other good folks. I would have loved to have gone, but alas my fate was to stay here and play super promoter.
My lovely girlfriend and stage manager Bryna is away on a cruise. A friend of her's one a contest for selling the most furniture at the store where she works so she got a cruise around Van Couver and invited Bryna along. I'm being a good little man and cleaning the house so she can come home to something other than the retched mess our house becomes when we're doing shows.
Now that I've begun rambling about nothing this page feels much more like a blog.
It's funny, my life is tamer than it's ever been. I thought being in two troupes in two cities would mean lots of debauchery, but I just aint got the time. I don't know how folks do both. I'm so domestic. I go make funny, then I go home and get some sleep so I can go to work the next day. If the day job ever leaves the picture though, why I tell ya, I'm gonna consume granulated sugar! And that's not idle threat. I'M WILD! WILD I TELL YA!
If ya wann have some fun check the Message Boards at Fun little online community they've got going there.

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