Friday, July 04, 2003

WOW, Miles is a steel drum player! There are no end of surprises with this guy. I knew he and his brother had a band but I figured a retro sorta guitar, bass, drums thing. But no, Miles, his brother shane and another fella put on this opium den showcase with Miles on steel drum, joined by a lute looking thing, a strange ethiopian banjo sounding jobbie, some talking drum. AND THEY COVERED "VENUS IN FURS" by the Velvet Underground!!! I have to say, they play the definitive steel drum version of "Venus in Furs".
Oh man it was great. The club was a bit loud for ther quieter instruments, I'd love to see them in a mellower room, sitting around on pillows, with some bally dancers, and a big hookah in front of me, oh wait I already said opium den.
Xenophilia was great as usual and the Gynas, who closed out the evening were wonderful. They were more rock than punk rock and they ended their set with some rush. They had a great mix of the absurd, the looney and they totally sincere.
The show was organized by our very own Amber Kloss for Short Bus Presents. This is the third show she's done for them and I think she's the only girl in town putting on shows with free cookies at midnight.
All in all a great night. Now I'll celebrate the birth of my country by going to see Acey Alone and Prince Paul at the Colonial. YAY!

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