Friday, July 25, 2003

One week to go before we return to SF, Then the week after that LA, Pomona and then right back to SF for the Marsh Comedy Festival. We're so busy. If feels good. It'll be nice to have time to work on new material again afterward.
The M Bar, where we're playing in LA, is such a cool place. And the guys from Mr. Show have donw shows there so it's got a decent reputation. I'd love to get written about in LA but it's not likely to happen until we do a longer engagement.
Speaking of longer engagements, we're talking about doing and EIGHT week run in Sac next year. All of May and June at the Geery Theatre. Such a big commitment.
Also, the Sacramento News and Review is getting their "Best Of" issue together. I hope they give some recognition to Comedy Troupes this year. Sac has three now that I know of. Maybe you could drop them a line and suggest they give us some love. Go to

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