Sunday, April 18, 2004

Ah, so it is, I am the rotten egg yet again. Oh what a lowly lot in life to be but an egg, a cholesterol bomb that is frequently devilled. What further torture might I be subjected to? I should not ask such, for life supplies an answer only too soon. To be devilled is indeed too good a fate for this egg, as it is revealed that I shall spend my eternity cursed with rottenness.

Yeah, last night's shows went great. The audience was with us all the way. Some of the folks from Abandon Productions, whoes physical theatre I am a big fan of, showed up. It threw me off a bit, that is to say, I was a bit intimidated by their presence. They seemed to realy like the show. My friend David AKA The Kid FINALLY came out to the show and he brought two pals who were falling off their chairs laughing. Poet BL Kennedy showed up with our mutual pal Linda and they were crackin' up pretty good as well. All in all a good time was had. Better than I expected realy as I've been a bit burnt out from our nonstop schedule as of late. It is nice to know the CD is all we have to worry about for next few months. Well, that and getting the DVD edited.

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