Tuesday, April 06, 2004

I've been updating my journal and making sure the ICBINC story is well documented. From the day I first said Hey, we should start a comedy troupe that doesn't suck to the day we had to share a dressing room with the ladies of The Velvet Hammer Burlesque.
It's a pretty interesting story. And I'm recording it accurately with all the fighting and crying and borrowing each others make up left in. Of course I'm writing it so I come across like an angel.
I've made a new friend. A gal from Germany name of Dani, who is a big Ellen fan found us when she searched the web for Ellen. You may remember that a good friend of ours, comedian Jeff Cosgrave went to Hollywood and ended up Ellen's personal assistant, a member of her writing staff and a regular on her show. She is now the first brick in the foundation upon which our German fan base will be built.
I have a friend named Paul Weller (not the one from The Jam) who live in Germany but sadly, I've lost track of him. Anyway, Dani's website is www.rainbowdee.de
. Now I am off to rehearsal, but I'll try to bring you back some donughts.

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