Thursday, April 01, 2004

HA! Amber is the cover girl at
The 2nd night of Twighlight Zone sold out by 5pm for a 10pm show. Great crowd. We did Unwanted Willy as it's been re-written for our CD and it came out great. We did Suicide Hotline, a new skit written for the CD. Both went over very well.
Miles, Becca and I spent the night in the theatre. I noticed I was sleeping under the lights, which would smash my head and kill me if they fell. So I moved my futon so that falling theatre lights would only smash my hips and render me unable to walk, have sex or go to the bathroom on my own. Only then was I able to sleep.
We went to breakfast at a great place, Ep Tide I think it's called and then we did a wee bit o' thrift store shoppin' before having to get Miles back to town so he could escort his son to a birthday party.
Now we're back to work.

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