Thursday, January 09, 2003

Fun night. It was Xeno's birthday so first off was Lazer Tag, which I couldn't make unfortunately, but I caught up with the revelers for some sushi. The manager brought a Saki Bomb to Becca, Xeno's amore. IT's a shot of Saki in a beer. The manager drank one along with her. Then he found an excuse to bring Xeno one, even though Xeno told him he couldn't drink one. The manager of course drank one himself regardless. This guy was TANKED! He kept telling us he loved us, and he was PETTING us. Very weird. Our friend Bob practicaly drank this stuff called Dave's Insanity Sauce. This stuff was so hot I put some on my finger, then wiped my finger on a napkin then touched my finger to my toungue and Bob just licked up a puddle of it. The evening ended at Becca's place with Xeno playing a song between each present he recieved and lots of yummy food. My favorite present was Becca giving him a gift certificate for a birthday massage, which he had to collect wearing a birthday suit! Ahhhhhh, such a cute couple. No one got drunk, no fights, no puking and yet I had a great time. Sheez I'm to much of a goody two shoes old man to be a comedian.
Oh, also, Far From Heaven is a great flick. From the previews it looked way too sincere, but it's a gorgeous film and Dennis Quaid turns in a phenomenol performance.
And one last note, San Francisco is Booked. The first two weekends in May we're at Spangangas in San Francisco. We're muey excited. Alright, good night.

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