Monday, January 06, 2003

Well we've chosen our new cast member. We had some great auditions and got to meet some very funny people, but Miles (his last names to much for me) just had the right combination we were looking for. He'll be taking a lot of the roles vacated by Tom Cox so he had to be a good straight man and we've become like a little family over the last year, so we wanted to make sure we found someone everybody could get along with. I'm surprised we didn't scare him away by our audition methods. He had to meet every member of the cast so that everyone could give their 2 cents. He got put on the spot over and over again. He dealt with it well, and we cast him for the Best of Run, so he'll be going to LA and SF with us also. I know our audience will dig him. Miles is very funny and has a lot of theatre experience as well as comedy experience. He was in a comedy troupe in LA before moving to Sac.
Speaking of the cast, be sure to check out the cast page which I just updated, and the Shows page as well.
Well rehearsals officialy start tommorow for the best of. I should go to bed so I don't have to drag myself through work and then fall asleep at rehearsals. Quit drivin' like an idiot. Good night.

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