Friday, March 14, 2003

Here's a letter we recieved along with my response.

Hello Gang, or Subdivision:

I just have a little question. Is your performance in Sacramento
something that a nine year old and a twelve year old could attend,
comfortably, for them, and the rest of the audience? They're both boys,
so they love anything that is crude or rude, they're familiar with Mad,
and the Simpsons, and they know quite a few underground cartoonists,
socially (as social as they can be among their parent's friends).
They've seen at least one of their parents' male friends dressed as a
woman ...

They're that kind of kids!

But let me know, would their attendance be appropriate? Or should I
lock them in the dungeon?

name with held but I'll put it in if'n it's ok

and my response:
YAY, The Simpsons!!!! YAY!
Oooh, and Mad magazine is the greatest influence any young mind could ask for, or they were before they started taking ads anyway.
I'll let you decide. The show has a scene with a father daughter sex talk. The talk is clinical and graphic but respectful. I'd much rather have a child of mine get their information on sex this way then from the "Exploit woman while making sure their nipples are covered" style TV shows.
I'll leave it up to you. Other than that the show does have some dark humor, some sex joke delivered by a prostitute promoting her profession, and some "Foul" language. I love the foul language.
I'm guessing the idiots that rate movies would give us an R rating. So long as I know the parents are well informed as to what we're all about I am totally comfortable with kids in the audience.

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