Sunday, March 09, 2003

Two weeks down and two to go before the Sacto run is done. Great crowds on Thursday and Friday this week. Too good on Thursday. Damn, those folks were on drugs or something. I felt like they were almost too easy. Maybe we were just realy on that night, but they'd laugh if we said hello! They'd laugh if we didn't say hello!!! We should pay them to come back every night. Papa Marx used to go out and round up kids to come in and laugh at the Marx Brothers. He'd let them in the show free and then feed them Streudel if they laughed at the gags.My dad doesn't make streudel, but I'm sure his wonderful pizzas would be reward enough for some laugh starters.
Thanks for all the Happy Birthday greetings. Man, I'm sure getting old. Good thing I'm in comedy, one of the few fields that doesn't seem to care if you're not young and pretty. Don't get me wrong, I'm still plenty pretty, but I don't know how long it'll hold out.
So this journal's interestin'. I want it to be an honest record of what this is like, doing these shows, but some honesty has to be saved until the tours over. Politics ya know. Be sure and check these pages when we get back from LA though. We'll have all sorts of tales from the front lines. The front lines of Sac and LA.
LA is shapin' up well. The guy who booked us, Bryan at the Knitting Factory, has been wonderful. He's helpin' get the word out, even going as far as taking flyers and hitting the Ellen Degeneres crowd. She just played The Knitting Factory. A couple of my friends are writing for her now. Pretty exciting. Jeff Cosgrave AKA The Kid, and Karen Anderson AKA my comedy mentor. Both of them are also stand up comedians so watch for their names. They're funny, funny people.
I wrote an article about what it's like to be in a stand up comedy competition and I mention both Karen and Jeff in it. Check it out HERE! The aritcle mentions Francois Fly too. This is the article that lead everyone to believe that Francois and I were one and the same. Nobody believes me when I tell 'em it was all a joke. Oh well.
Ah, blog blog blog blog, such mundane honesty.
Here's a Haiku

Yes I like Haiku
Yes, I have something to say
Go to hell, I'll use as many syllables as I damn well please. Bitch!

Yeah, ok bye

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