Friday, March 21, 2003

Someone sent me a list of French companies to boycott. Here's my response, followed by the original e-mail I was sent including the list. Enjoy they typos and spelling errors, I just don't feel like spending my time lookin' up words.

Thanks for the list. I'll be sure to buy all these products to thank the French for trying to stop this insane war. Do you realize how dangerous a precedent this sets. If we can make a pre-emptive attack, peace will not be seen again for a long time. Why do you think we got so much support when we went after the terrorists in Afganistan and we're getting so much heat about going into Iraq? We said they were linked with Al Queida but we couldn't find the proof. We said they had weapons of mass destruction and so they had to let the inspectors in or we'd attack. They let the inspectors in. The inspectors themselves said that Iraq was cooperating. We attack anyway! The documents proving they tried to buy Uranium from Africa turned out to be forged and the alluminum rods we found turned out not to be weapons grade, to be useless for weapon making in fact. We have no proof, no smoking gun, no reason to be causing countless deaths, destroying the European Union and the UN, threatening peace and stability the world over.
I'm gonna have some french dressing, french fries, some french toast with maple syrup from from French Canada, I'm gonna french kiss my girl and then have me some sex while wearing a french tickler. Viva La France. Then I'm gonna send your little list to to all the peace nicks I know so we all can buy French products and thank the French for trying to stop this insane war. Hell I might even talk to a French person, which is realy something cuz I don't like French People.
Au Revoir,
Francois Fly

PS: Hey folks on my list, don't be mistaken, I do know the French were just looking after their money just like us, but the DID try to stop the war.

>>French Products and Companies to Boycott

Dozens of readers have written in asking for a list of French companies products to boycott. After all, some are well known, but many are not. Here goes.

Air France. Air Liquide. Airbus. Alcatel. Allegra (allergy medication). Aqualung (including: Spirotechnique, Technisub, US Divers, and SeaQuest). AXA Advisors

Bank of the West (owned by BNP Paribas). Beneteau (boats). BF Goodrich (owned by Michelin). BIC (razors, pens and lighters). Biotherm (cosmetics). Black Bush. Bollinger (champagne).

Car & Driver Magazine. Cartier. Chanel. Chivas Regal (scotch). Christian Dior. Club Med (vacations). Culligan (owned by Vivendi).

Dannon (yogurt and dairy foods). DKNY. Dom Perignon. Durand Crystal

Elle Magazine. Essilor Optical Products. Evian.

Fina gas stations and Fina Oil (billions invested in Iraqi oil fields). First Hawaiian Bank.

George Magazine. Givenchy. Glenlivet (scotch).

Hennessy. Houghton Mifflin (books).

Jacobs Creek (owned by Pernod Ricard since 1989). Jameson (whiskey). Jerry Springer (talk show)

Krups (coffee and cappuccino makers).

Lancome. Le Creuset (cookware). L'Oreal (health and beauty products). Louis Vuitton.

Marie Claire. Martel Cognac. Maybelline. M├ęphisto (shoes and clothes). Michelin (tires and auto parts). Mikasa (crystal and glass). Moet (champagne). Motel 6. Motown Records (????). Mumms (champagne).

Nissan (cars; majority owned by Renault). Nivea. Normany Butter.

Parents Magazine. Peugeot (automobiles). Pierre Cardin. Playstation Magazine. ProScan (owned by Thomson Electronics, France). Publicis Group (including Saatchi & Saatchi Advertising).

RCA (televisions and electronics; owned by Thomson Electronics). Red Magazine. Red Roof Inns (owned by Accor group in France). Renault (automobiles). Road & Track Magazine. Roquefort Cheese (all Roquefort cheese is made in France). Rowenta (toasters, irons, coffee makers, etc.). Royal Canadian.

Salomon (skis). Seagram's Gin. Sierra Software and Computer Games. Smart & Final. Sofitel (hotels, owned by Accor). Sparkletts (water, owned by Danone). Spencer Gifts. Sundance Channel.

Taylor Made (golf). Technicolor. T-Fal (kitchenware). Total gas stations.

UbiSoft (computer games). Uniroyal. Universal Studios (music, movies and amusement parks; owned by Vivendi-Universal). USFilter.

Veritas Group. Veuve Clicquot Champagne. Vittel. Vivendi.

Wild Turkey (bourbon). Woman's Day Magazine.

Yoplait (The French company Sodiaal owns a 50 percent stake).

Yves Saint Laurent.

Zodiac Inflatable Boats.

P.S.: Thanks to GOP lawmakers, cafeterias in the U.S. House of Representatives will today start offering "freedom fries" instead of you know what.

(I love the ending. You Know What. They're not even gonna say French anymore!?!? FRENCH FRENCH FRENCH!)

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