Monday, March 31, 2003

This has been such a great run. We had a great little wrap party at the theatre to close out the run. I got this cool toy for my birthday. It's essentialy the old Atari 2600 but they fit it all into just a joy stick. You plug the joystick into a tv and voila you got 10 old school games. Breakout, Centipide, Pong, Missile Command and more. We plugged it into Ducky's projector so we had one whole wall of Video game. It's the fantasy we all had at age 9 of what adult would be like. Mel kicked everyone's but at Breakout. Drunk Tom and Gary did their best, but Mel couldn't be beat. Miles and Amber brought loads o' eighties music, Sid danced her heart out to some Klaus Nomi, who's name I'm certainly spelling wrong. Ben and I busted out a little breakdancing action, Xeno and Amy Anne played Xenophilia songs in the courtyard leading a few neighbors to come join the fun. Amy Anne's new Beau did some mighty purty singin'. Emily yay and my sweetie Bryna sat around and giggled like they've been doing together since they were 14 or so, and Shelly (Ben's Amore) gave us all a lesson in bootie shaking. Tom, who left the troupe a couple shows back came to see if we were doing justice to the skit he authored, "D'Harlin's Big Break". He stuck around for a litte bit of party action. I hope he sees fit to throw us some more scripts, he's written some of our best stuff. Tim and Anne Marie, the lighting and sound geeks, stuck around and Tim played bass with Xenophilia which he'll be doing with them at the big Sammies show as well.
We'll be living it up after our LA show as well. I'm lookin' foward to it. Peace,

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