Wednesday, March 19, 2003

We're at war. The world asked us not to, and now that we've launched up to 40 missiles in an attempt at assasinating Saddham Hussein, we can see how the rest of the world responds. I'm numb. Saddham is such an awful person but the world is full of awful people in power and I think this is a very dangerous way to deal with them. If we want to make ourselves safer from terrorism we should be working to show our support of peace and humane aid throughout the world. The US spends less, percentage wise, on humanitarian aid then any of the other "first world" countries.
I have a sinus infection.
We have to go onstage tommorow despite the fact that most folks will be at home watching the war.
Amber is stranded out of state. Stuck by a big nasty blizzard. Hopefully she gets back in time for the show.
I'm going to try to sleep.
Not much of a comedy blog tonight, sorry.
It'll be interesting to see what kind of world we get to live in.

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