Monday, May 05, 2003

SAN FRANCISCO Rocked! Friday night went well. A fair sized crowd, who by the third skit were having a good time. SATURDAY WAS THE BEST! Maybe the best show we've done. The audience was having a blast from the opening monologue on. Every skit getting every laugh it deserved. The troupe was energetic, the audience was upbeat and energetic, and we improv-ed so many hillarious new lines on stage. An audience member, who is a promoter himself, liked us so much he got flyers and posters from us so he can promote our events while out promoting his. Great stuff. I can't wait to to go back next weekend.
Ducky made it home from SF in 45 minutes. Hmmmm? Sid made it home only through the assistance of a tow truck. Her truck, affectionately known as "Stinky Truck" may be no more.
Our favorite Poetess, Becca, really stepped up to the plate. She worked our lights and sound, never having had a chance to rehearse such, just jumping in because we didn't have anyone else. She did a great job. She also had to friends from Seattle at the show, and we had one friend from Massecheusettes (sp?) at the show. The gospel of ICBINC must be spread far and wide.
Michael Vavericheck, our SF publicists did a good job. We had plenty of folk at the show and a few newspaper people as well. Thanks Mike.
I got an e-mail from two kids who are starting an ICBINC fan club. Pretty funny. I don't think I'll be able to sell my autograph on E-bay anytime soon but it's flattering none the less. If they go as far as getting their website up, which they've said they're doing, I'll link it from here.

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