Tuesday, September 02, 2003

I'm back. I done burnt the man. He all burnt up. I think the event was called Burning Nazi this year because one of the arms didn't work leaving the man with one arm up ala Sig Heil. Pretty silly. Then we got busted for fire works and fined $600.00. Yeah!
I had a great time. Miles and I got to drive one of our friend Carl's Flying Saucer VW Bugs home. It was great having everybody honk and wave and take pictures.
I got to do some time on the megaphone, we started a feud with Dismal, our neighbors on the playa. We sent as many hippies to their camp as we could promising folks that they were gonna be bumpin' some rair Hootie and The Blowfish bootlegs. Dismal then made a stencil with the name of our camp "B-12" and tagged a bunch of shtuff hoping to get us in trouble. Pretty funny. They offered me a ride on their train, planning to drop me at the Trash Fence (verry far from camp) but they were impressed with my heckling so they kept me on the train. I'm all bruised from WRASSLIN'.
If I go back next year my whole purpoise in life will be prankin' on Dismal.
I'll post pictures as soon as I get access to some.
Good to be home. Sid sho nuff took car of business while I was away. Sid takes care of business when I'm here too, but I allways figured she'd fall apart without me calling her 8 times a day and e-mailing her every 15 minutes.
SO, our first LA gig the venue seated 40. Gig number two the venue seated 80-100. Now we're at the Derby and is seats 650. Wow. We're

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