Thursday, September 25, 2003

WE WON A BEST OF. We got, "Best Urinal Sketch". Our skit Team Urinals, from our first show got the honors. We're quite happy.
I can't wait to get some photos from LA up here. We usualy crowd into Brett "Lizard Boy" Wilson's studio apt, but his apt building manager, our pal Mike (from Pygmy Love Circus) let us crash in an apt that had come up empty. I was giggling as I went to sleep on the floor, with nine other people all around me. It was pretty funny. Total Rock and Roll Lifestyle. Miles felt much better about it as he has problems sleeping in Lizard Boy's place with all the reptiles and bugs, including giant Madagascar hissing cockroaches, yum.

We ended up telling ghost stories till 3am or so on Saturday night (or technicaly sunday morning). This meant we didn't get on the road to head home until 1pm, after a late breakfast at The 101, our favorite LA restaraunt. Mmmmm, I can taste that No juevos rancheros now. And when the waitress brings it to the table and doesn't remember who ordered it I love to say, I have No Juevos! On the way home we had dinner at Pea Soup Anderson's and our waiter was realy cool. We gave him a t-shirt and a copy of Short Bus. The rest of the stretch home I made everyone listen to De La Soul's first album Three Feet High and Rising. Damn that's a good album. Well, now I must be off to the day job.

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