Tuesday, September 16, 2003

So, as Miles mentioned a few posts ago our beloved Emily is going to take a break from the troupe to decide if this is what she wants to do. The level of success we've reached means we're incredibly busy, but we're not yet busy enough to be making the kind of money that would allow us to leave the day jobs or even to cut back so we end up living with two careers and I can understand wanting to really be sure you want the pot of gold before climbing through any more barbed wire to get to the end of this particular rainbow. HA! I'm a freaking poet.
The GREAT news is Emily will be joining us for a special appearance at our show this Saturday at The Derby. I'm happy about that.
Hopefully Em will sit a show out and then realize she just can't live without ICBINC. Either way, she's so entangled with us since she's my best friends girlfriend now and also my girlfriends bestfriend and she's my former girlfriend and one of my bestfriends. We'll be seeing plenty of her.

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