Monday, September 08, 2003

I'm heading down to LA this week. We'll do a walk through of The Derby, solve any audio amplification problems and figure out the blocking. I imagine we'll do a helluva lot of flyering as well. I can't wait to be doing this show. Many of my comedy heroes did time performing at strip clubs but I figured with the modern day strip club being so lame I'd never get the chance. I do have a couple of friends that DJ at strip clubs, but "Hey guys, let's hear it for Harley and that hot little ass of hers! Does she know how to shake it or what? Alright, we got a great set of tits up next. Let's Make some noise for Summer Rain!" is not my idea of entertaining. That I will get to compete for an audiences attention in between buxum beauties performing real burlesque, why I dared not even dream it! My biography is realy shaping up now. Woo Hoo. It's nerve racking too. Skit comedy is not the usual thing when it comes to burlesque and my original idea was a small show with a bit of burlesque to spice things up. This has ballooned into a much bigger affair, and the skit portion is definately an experiment. I know we can figure out any crowd though, and we've certainly had the practice performing in so many different environments and for so many different crowds. I remember we struggled but then ultimately won over the Sac State Skit Comedy Festival crowd who were much younger than we're used too. I'm sure we'll get these hipsters eating out of our hands. I don't believe there are any troupes in LA playing in this size venue that aren't already doing TV so I'm hoping this will grab us some attention. Fame, here we come.
Why am I so obsessed with fame? Well, I just can't wait to have some creative freedom. To be free from the hours I spend every day working the day job. Fame can be abused in so many wild and creative ways. Give me some fame to futz with and I'll build you a masterpiece.

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