Sunday, November 30, 2003

Mmmm Mmmm. Waffles from The True Love Coffehouse. I pretended they were vegan. I'm so bad. Amber and I went around midnight and we chatted with Kevin Seconds and Kepi from the Groovey Ghoulies for awhile so we got to feel like cool kids. Alison (Kevin's wife, co-owner of the True Love and band mate) really wants us to perform there which would be great. Hopefully that will happen.
I had breakfast with Amber and Miles and Amy (Mile's cute girlfriend, and my secret crush, don't tell.) And yesterday we all had breakfast with Amber's mom, and Wednesday we all met for coffee. We're seeing too much of each other. It's sickening I tell you. All the love. Yuck.
Not that there's not some horrible uncomfortableness sometimes from having to change gears between being friends and then being director and actors. I often think this would be a better blog if we let ourselves air all that dirty laundry, but who wants to share that crap with strangers. Not I. We love each other enough, I perfer our dirt to be private.

Anyway, I FINALLY updated our cast page so you that our adorable newest cast member is on it. You'll notice Ducky and Jonathon are gone, though I should have left Jonathon on. He did a film for our newest show which means that even though he officialy quit, we still haven't done a show without one of his films in it. He quit because he no longer has access to a DV camera and because he's working a-lot on his own projects, which he's shooting on film. Ducky is gone because the day job just wasn't leaving him time for our crazy schedule, but I'm sure we'll have him as a guest in the future.

I'm up late, very late for me, so now I've got my damned second wind and I don't want to go to bed. Goodnight.

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