Monday, November 17, 2003

Even though Keith has caught Ben's terrible cold and is surely near death's door, he still beat me to the blog. Yes, I am indeed the rotten egg and I say ROTTEN EGG'S OF THE WORLD UNITE. ROTTEN EGG'S HAVE RIGHTS, ROTTEN EGG'S HAVE RIGHTS!

I digress. This weekend's shows were like wild fire. We sold out Friday, had a standing room only crowd Saturday at 8 p.m. and Saturday at 10 p.m.'s sold out crowd awarded us with a standing ovation! The Puppet Show (also known as the Puppet Show that nearly killed Sid) rocked and rocked hard, UNBORN BILLY went over huge and all in all I've heard nothing but raves about the show (well except for those two ladies in the front row Saturday night who were clearly offended by our antics but hey you've got to step on a few toes on the way to the top. am I right, am I right?).

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