Saturday, November 08, 2003

I got to do some actin' for Mr. Lobo today. I played the evil Cafe owner. Lobo is a Horror host (you know, like Elvira or Vampira). So he films funny bits to be placed around trashy movies. The movie that we were shooting bits for today was Roger Corman's cooky beatnik coffeeshop flick "Bucket Of Blood".
This is one of my favorite films, and I love Lobo's writing so it was fun to do. I played the mean Cafe owner, like I said, so I interrupted Lobo as he tried to introduce the flick and demanded payment for his many cappucinos. He has no money so I make him work and he has to host the show while slaving away for annoying beatnick customers.
I also got to play one of two Matrix- Agent Smith like agents of a Starbucks like coffee chain that is taking over the neighborhood. All in all I had a blast. Miles plays the other agent and Becca plays one of the customers I think. She filmed her parts yesterday.
Fun Fun Fun.
And speaking of Fun, Heidi Ho and Rob Cockerham have both confirmed that they will be attending our shows this weekend. We've also got some super surprise guests that we aint telling you about. HEE HEE HEEE HEEEEE!

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