Sunday, November 23, 2003

Here's some samples of the fan mail we've gotten for the new show:

"We were quoting lines from your skits and laughing all the way home! I would love to come support you wherever you are playing - and if I can help in any way other than to sit in the audience and laugh my ass off, let me know!"

"Let me say how much I enjoyed your show at the Gallery Horse Cow! Fabulous! A few of the high points for me were the Jesus Christ CEO skit, the Happy Somethin or other Playhouse with the box and the hands, the Pizza Sluts porn skit, and of course Drag Man! Thanks again for the laughs!"

" Hey! Just wanted to drop you a line to tell you I had a blast enjoying the madcap weekend comedy production "I Can't Believe It's Not Comedy". Seriously, some of those skits were really hilarious. Onomatopoeia. I was sitting there thinking,"If these people were on TV doing this stuff, I would watch it." And I HATE TV! (Thank you for pointing that out, by the way)"

"i don't know where you guys come up with those sketches, but i've had a lot of experience with mind-expanding drugs in the past, but never could've come up with anything as imaginative. and you're like a female jim carey and i mean that as the highest of compliments. you [addressed to Amber] can make a million different faces and that's so awesome! so anyways, just wanted to let you know that i had a great time laughing until my mascara was smeared down to my knees."

"I liked the Pro Life/Pro Choice sketch, It's funny because, and the puppet show, and I couldn't stop saying, "Wake up James" all the way home last night."

That last quote there was from Brian, who produces The Free Hooch Comedy Troop. He's the fella opening the club on Del Paso where I'll be hosting a Thursday night comedy show starting in January. We have lots more mail. This show seemed to really affect people, which is encouraging because we took a-lot of risks on this one. Thanks to everyone who wrote.

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