Sunday, February 05, 2006

Another weekend under our belts

Well, we just concluded weekend number 5 in our 6 week run of We Live Here. As the run comes to its conclusion I'm beginning to feel that usual remorse. It's funny, at the beginning of any run (no matter how short or long) I feel like I'm ready for it to be over. Ready to have my weekends back and then when the show nears the end of the run the sadness creeps in, like loosing an old friend. It would seem logical that this run would be taking it's toll on us but the show keeps getting tighter, more polished and now I feel like I could just keep on going. It helps that I have a tremendously supportive husband and a kid who's used to Mommy's "show business ways" (between work and ICBINC I'm often gone on weekends). After the shows we headed to a local late night eatery where Ben and I entertained the group with "gorey childhood" stories with subjects such as shooting at birds, chopping off finger tips, child eating pigs and slicing open punk rockers. Not exactly dinner conversation but at least we waited until the entrees were nearly finished before we got into the really bloody stories.

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