Sunday, February 26, 2006

The Marathon Run Ends

Last night we wrapped up an 8 week run at the Geery. 8 Weeks! I should be exhausted and thrilled that it's over, I know my family is, but instead I'm feeling a bit postpartum. As we approached this run, initially set for 6 weeks, I was full of dread. How on earth would I manage to balance my life along with this huge time commitment to ICBINC? Well, round about week 2 I was hooked. I had my pacing, I no longer felt on the verge of vomiting on show days and I loved the elation I felt after a great performance. Granted, there were nights when we didn't connect with the audience (see the blog about our show with the over 80 crowd) but we had far more hits than misses. Now, it's done. I know there'll be more projects on the horizon, film, podcasts and the occassional five year olds birthday party but right now, I'm sad that the show is over. Of course, I know that next Friday night while I'm sitting in my easy chair watching Friday night nick-toons with my kid I'll be glad that it's done but I'm glad to know that I'm up for the next challenge.

And speaking of this long run, Becca realized last night that having spent the last 8 weeks performing plus the preceding 6-8 weeks of rehearsals, the ladies in the group have, well, how to put this delicately? Okay, I'll say it. Our periods have synced. And, ladies and gentlemen I am proud to announce I am the Alpha female! Well, thank you, thank you very much!

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