Saturday, February 04, 2006

Old People

Wow. Last Saturday the audience for the 7pm show was all over 80. They wouldn't laugh during the skits but the were generous with the applause after. I guess they had a good time. One woman in the front kept guessing our lines, outloud, right before we'd say them. I'm not in favor of punching old ladies but I came real close to changing my stance this time.
So last night I spot an old lady, in the front row, and when I mention vaginas in my opening monologue she starts reading the program. I got her up on stage and had her read out loud from the program. She was so sweet and wide eyed, and hearing her say "Vagina's make you gay?" was priceless.
"When you got up this morning you didn't know you'd be talking about vaginas in front of so many people did you?"
"No, I didn't."
Great audience over all. Hoping for more good folks tonight as my dad will be there with an childhood pal of his from New York.

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